Reflection of Who You Are

The New Year is here!! And with comes the usual New Year’s Resolutions and promises to eat healthy, get fit, lose weight, get a boyfriend/girlfriend, etc.. you know the drill.  

What would you like to see difference in yourself, as a parent, or in your child(ren)?  Sure!  Would you like an easy start? Simple.  

Change your attitude.  Having a positive and motivated outlook on where you are going with your life can drastically change the outcome of where your journey to “A New You” ends.  Not only does it help your relationship with your child(ren), but it could also rub off on them.  Who doesn’t like a happy kid?  I found a story to better explain..


Sometimes what you get from others (your significant other, your friends, your children) is directly correlated with what you give.  Try smiling more, seeking out the positive inuncontrollable situations, being nice to everyone, (as cliche` as it sounds) don’t sweat the small stuff, and hold on to that positive attitude.  Who you are and what you choose to see outside of your mind can quite possibly change the way you see the world, and more importantly the way you see your child.  





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