White, Black, or Rot? Your words foster…

“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.”  HA!  I know all too well from personal experience and the tears that stream down my young clients’ faces this is unfair, and a blatant lie.  Words cut through self-esteem, confidence, and joy creating a feeling of worthlessness, under appreciation, and pain.  Why?  (The answer is a whole other topic.)  But why not as parents or care takers of children and our younger generation, shower them with positive words, instead of insults and criticism?  Create an environment for cultivating a beautiful little person on the inside and out.  See this video about how words affect a simple beaker of rice…. 

What kind of child do you want the responsibility for?  Beautiful and positive (the white rice), dark and dead (the black rice), or simply rotting?  You have a key role in young people’s lives and in those lives which you come in contact with every day.  

As a parent, an adult, and as a human being, I am challenged to cultivate the individuals I cross paths with; using words to grow and build up children, clients, family, and friends.  


Mulan – The Past Can Hurt…

We are often hurt by experiences with people who we love the hardest, trust the deepest. Pain from such destruction caused is hard to bounce back from. However, we have two options, best stated by Mulan…. “The past can hurt, but the way I see it, you can either run from it or learn from it.” Becoming a better person as a result of pain caused to you by someone/something else is the celebrated proof that you can learn from your past.
When your child/teen is reeling from a bad grade, ended relationship, or grief, you have a choice to comfort him/her.  Take the opportunity to be a part of that child’s rebuilt better self.  Discuss with him/her how he/she can learn from whatever pain experienced.  Affirm the reality of what he/she is going through.  The last words anyone wants to hear is “It won’t matter five years from now,” so don’t say it.  Be the parent that builds your child not breaks him.


Reflection of Who You Are

The New Year is here!! And with comes the usual New Year’s Resolutions and promises to eat healthy, get fit, lose weight, get a boyfriend/girlfriend, etc.. you know the drill.  

What would you like to see difference in yourself, as a parent, or in your child(ren)?  Sure!  Would you like an easy start? Simple.  

Change your attitude.  Having a positive and motivated outlook on where you are going with your life can drastically change the outcome of where your journey to “A New You” ends.  Not only does it help your relationship with your child(ren), but it could also rub off on them.  Who doesn’t like a happy kid?  I found a story to better explain..


Sometimes what you get from others (your significant other, your friends, your children) is directly correlated with what you give.  Try smiling more, seeking out the positive inuncontrollable situations, being nice to everyone, (as cliche` as it sounds) don’t sweat the small stuff, and hold on to that positive attitude.  Who you are and what you choose to see outside of your mind can quite possibly change the way you see the world, and more importantly the way you see your child.